COTTON SCHOOL OF DRUMMING Made with Xara Dennis Cotton has been teaching Drums and Percussion since 1989 Instruction for a full range of students. Drum Set - Scholastic Snare Drum, Bell Kit and Percussion - World Percussion and Hand Drumming. Recommended ages, 10 - 110   Lessons are tailored for each student: Dennis says, “All emerging drummers learn differently and have different goals. In order to teach effectively, I customize each lesson for that student. While I have my tried and true methods, there is no “cookie cutter” approach to teaching. Above all, I have fun teaching and my students have fun learning. With this attitude, success is guaranteed.” Expect to learn: Reading notation. Time (metronome) studies. Hand and foot coordination. Rudiments and technical exercises for snare drum and drum set. Approaches to many styles of music. Training for the role of the drummer in an ensemble. How to write your own charts. Much, much more. What is expected from students: Commitment, and a positive attitude. Dennis Cotton teaches with patience and enthusiasm. All lesson are taught with humor in a fun and relaxed manner. Dennis Cotton taught in New York State from 1989-2006. NYS has exacting standards for it’s music students. Dennis student’s excelled in proficiency in the New York State Scholastic Music Associations (NYSSMA) annual solo competitions. Dennis’s students achieved perfect scores 93% of the time! Several of Dennis’s students have received scholarships for drumming at Universities. Many of Dennis’s students have gone on to play music professionally. Dennis’s “hybrid” teaching method combines his extensive professional background with his 20 plus years teaching scholastic music. This creates a more rounded learning experience with enough depth to be useful to any emergent drummers needs. Drum Lessons Rates: $35.00 per hour $25.00 per 1/2 hour Weekly or Bi-weekly basis Location: South Windsor, Connecticut. Next to the Timothy Edwards Middle School. For More Information: Call: 860-648-2220 Email: Student Resource Center Printable Lesson Sheets Video Lessons Audio Clips Go There... © Dennis Cotton 2011 No part of this website may be reproduced without permission.